General terms and conditions

The coaching serves to optimize dating success. It is based on mutual cooperation and trust in both parties. The customer finances the coaching himself.

§ 1 Application of the general terms and conditions

The terms and conditions accepted by both contractual partners regulate the terms and conditions between the dating coach Maria Diehr (hereinafter referred to as the coach) and the client (hereinafter referred to as the customer) as a service contract within the meaning of §§ 611 ff BGB, unless there is anything between the contracting parties deviating has been agreed in writing.

The contract is concluded when the customer accepts the coach’s offer / coaching package and thus turns to you for dating advice.

The coach is entitled to refuse coaching without giving reasons.

§ 2 Content of the coaching contract

The coach provides his service to the customer by passing on or applying her knowledge and experience in the field of dating to the customer.

The coaching process is individually tailored to the customer and can vary from customer to customer.

The coach offers two different coaching packages at a fixed price each.

Coaching package 1: 2 weeks of dating coaching, without time limit, with all of the advice points listed below

Coaching package 2: 4 weeks of coaching, without time limit, with all of the advice points listed below

Advice points (additions by the coach or the customer possible) as a non-exhaustive list are:

  • Telephone and personal tips for first dates
  • “practicing” a date (re-enacting a dating situation)
  • Quick accessibility and contact options via WhatsApp Messenger, phone call, SMS or social media
  • Preparation of the online dating profile (creation of photos, writing of texts for the online profile)
  • Speach and writing coaching
  • Rules of conduct on a date
  • Styling advice

After assessing the dating and life situation and highlighting the desired goals, the coaching process is accepted together and adopted with the signature of the coach and the customer. Here the customer selects which of the two coaching packages mentioned above he would like to implement.

A success of the coaching measures cannot be guaranteed. The subject of the contract are therefore the agreed coaching pacts and their contents.

The coach provides national and, if desired, personal services. Online advices, for example by WhatsApp video call, can also be provided.

§ 3 Legal framework

During the duration of the coaching, the customer bears sole responsibility for his or her actions, both during and outside of the coaching time. The coaching assumes normal mental and physical resilience. By accepting the coaching, the customer confirms his resilience, his ability to get involved in the coaching and his ability to act.

§ 4 Cooperation of the customer

The customer is not obliged to actively participate, even if this is usually a prerequisite for achieving coaching success.

This applies in particular to the submission of information in connection with the coaching.

Coaching is always an active and self-determined process in which the coach supports and accompanies the customer. Targeted changes can only be made by the customer himself. He should therefore show a willingness to actively deal with himself and his life situation and to want to achieve the desired and presented goals.

In order to achieve the best possible results, it is necessary for the customer to reveal himself to the coach as fully as possible and to entrust himself to him. This applies in particular to the truthful answering of questions from the coach. The customer is therefore responsible if the hoped-for goals cannot be achieved due to incomplete or incorrect information. The implementation of the recommended measures is the sole responsibility of the customer.

§ 5 Confidentiality

The personal data of the customer are treated with strict confidentiality and may only be passed on to third parties upon the express request and with the written consent of the customer.

This does not apply if the coach is obliged to pass on the data due to legal regulations or is obliged to provide information on an official or court order.

This also does not apply if the coach’s personal rights are violated in connection with the coaching or if her personality is attacked and she can relieve herself with the use of the aforementioned data or facts.

The coach keeps records of his performance in electronic and written form. The customer is entitled to inspect these records.

§ 6 Fee of the coach

The coach is entitled to a fee for his consulting services. The customer is aware that no billing can be made via health insurances, aid agencies or other cost carriers. The fees are to be paid by the customer himself.

Unless otherwise agreed, the customer must make a deposit of 50% of the package price before the coaching begins. After receipt of payment, the coach and the customer arrange appropriate consultation appointments. The remaining 50% of the package price has to be paid by the customer after the coaching.

Agreed dates are generally binding. This also applies to the telephone introductory meeting. The customer is obliged to appear punctually for the consultation appointments.

If the customer is prevented from attending an appointment in the event of force majeure, an alternative appointment will be agreed in such cases. Evidence of force majeure can be requested from the coach.

In the event of force majeure, the coach is also entitled to postpone the agreed coaching appointments within a reasonable period. In this case, the customer will be informed as soon as possible and an alternative date will be agreed. In such a case, the customer has no claims against the coach. He is also not obliged to give reasons for the rejection. It is assumed that the customer can be reached by telephone in such cases.

§ 7 Salvatorische Klausel

Should individual provisions of the general terms and conditions of this contract prove to be ineffective or void in whole or in part, or if they are impracticable as a result of changes in legislation after the conclusion of the contract, the effectiveness of the contract as a whole will not be affected. The invalid or void provision is to be replaced in free interpretation by a provision that comes closest to the purpose of the contract or the will of the parties.